Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Confession is good for the soul.  Here goes.

I.  Am.  Buying.  Unneeded.  Stuff.  Mostly.  Food.

There it is in black and white.

Now that the confession is done, let me explain the reasons.  First, I have my husband's blessing.  Second, we have a pastoral candidate coming to our church this weekend.  We will be very busy.  I am helping with many meals.

I have things in my freezer and pantry I could use to cook from scratch, but I'm not going to.  I want to use my time elsewhere, so I'm buying food for the potluck, for the brunch, for the youth activity, and for the committee dinner.  I'm also buying food for us to eat at home while we're in between meetings.  And I bought food for a date night last night with my husband.

Speaking of date nights, day before yesterday, while I brought hubby to work, he suggested we have a date night last night as we have been so busy and haven't enjoyed being with one another much lately.  So we sent all the kiddos to their rooms early last night, enjoyed a quiet dinner for two, took a walk around the neighborhood (our oldest watched the others), and played a favorite board game.  It was an almost free night and it was so refreshing and relaxing to just enjoy one another's company without thinking about the work that needs to get done or the decisions to be made.

Pretty special idea my sweetheart had!

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