Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Old Friends

We had a sweet visit today with old friends, friends of my grandparents from a long time ago.  My grandfather was a missionary with Child Evangelism Fellowship, and he talked his friend into also becoming a CEF missionary.  He went to Finland 50 years ago and up to last year was still traveling the rivers of Russian Siberia to tell village children the good news of salvation through Christ.  He is 88 years old.

Today, we got to enjoy two meals with this special couple and listen to him speak at our church.  Words can't adequately explain how we love visits from this dear godly man.  Our children each consider him a special friend.  He prays for us often.  He writes us letters and sends a package at Christmas.  But to see him and hug him and laugh with him around my dining table--priceless!  And having his wife come along on this trip was extra nice as she hasn't been here for a visit in 12 years.

He doesn't think he'll be traveling this way again.  It is getting to be too hard to travel.  He said he would see us at the great feast in Heaven.  I asked him to save me a seat near him.  I'm sure looking forward to the visiting we'll get to do when we get there!

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