Friday, June 20, 2014


As our children grow, we seek to do many things in their lives.  One is to help them sink their roots deeply into the love of Christ and our family; another is to give them wings to fly away.  My son flew away this morning.  Not really, but he took a first fledgling swoop out into the great beyond.

He actually will be at training for the next nine days at SMA.  He is training to teach 5-Day Clubs with CEF.  I'm so proud of him.  He has chosen to spend his summer ministering to children and telling them about the love of Jesus.

I'm also kind of sad.  After all, he is my first-born.  He has been my friend for 14 years.  And he is gone for a week and a half.  Last night was a little bit hard.  He came in and said, "Mom, I'm kinda nervous."  I said, "Yeah, that's normal." and we talked for a while.  I was afraid we'd let the roots grow too deep and clipped the wings in the process.  But this morning, he was ready to leave.

And now he is gone.  He will be back in nine days, but he will be gone teaching for most of the summer.  People have told me that I will have so much fun and I should be sure to enjoy this time with the girls while he is gone.  We will enjoy our girl time, to be sure.  But what I'm realizing is that my baby boy has grown up to become a good friend.  I miss him.  But I'm so happy for him to be spending this summer this way.  What a fine young man he is becoming.

Anyway, enough sentiment!  If you were wondering why I haven't blogged lately, the answer is that the last several days have been pretty busy getting him ready to go.  So I'm back again, but not for long.  My daughters are having a tea party, and if you'll excuse, I believe I'll go have a cup of tea.

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