Tuesday, June 24, 2014

How shall I dispose of my clothes?

We are blessed with friends who give us their children's clothes when they outgrow them.  I appreciate this so much as I hardly ever have to buy clothes for my daughters, but sometimes there are just too many!  What to do with the excess?  For a while, I hung it on an extra clothes rod in the basement, but there really are only so many extra clothes that one needs to store.  

I've discovered that a couple in town collect used clothing and fabric and pack it up to send to Eastern European countries.  They retired from their business, so now they use the warehouse as storage.  My son and I had the opportunity a few months ago to go help on one of their loading days.  Isaac got to be part of the assembly line passing the filled boxes from one person to the next right up into the truck.  They filled a semi truck with banana boxes full of clothes.  There wasn't room for anything else in that truck when they finished.  While Isaac helped load boxed on the truck, I helped pack more boxes.  The clothing was sorted and packed according to type and size; winter girls, summer boys, adult coats, shoes....and on and on.  They have schools that can use fabric to teach sewing classes, so many boxes are filled with fabric or sheets or lace or whatever.  

It is so nice to be able to take extra clothes that we have and box them up to donate and know that they are going somewhere that they are truly needed and appreciated!  It is easier to give things away knowing that they are being used to help others.  When I think of the people who need things and I think of the excess that I am blessed with, it is so humbling! 

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