Friday, May 30, 2014

Thrift store finds

I didn't quite follow my rules on this shopping trip, but I did fairly well.  I passed up a figurine of Kristen (American Girl) that I normally would have thought seriously about buying.

I bought 6 dress shirts for Isaac, 1 skirt for Melody, 4 pairs of shorts for the girls, 1 pair of dress shoes for Isaac, and 1 top for me (that wasn't on my list) for $31.  That wasn't too bad.

Isaac bought himself two games at the Norway thrift store.  The girls found birthday gifts for each other.

We went to the Dollar Tree and I bought a couple of things not on the list.  I spent $4 for things for the girls birthday party on Monday.  I was going to try to not buy anything extra for the party, but I'm not too upset about $4.

I didn't buy any groceries that weren't on my list, which was quite remarkable.

I'll write more about the birthday party on Monday after we have the party.

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