Thursday, May 29, 2014

Switching the seasonal clothes

The warm weather is finally here to stay!  It is so nice to be outside after the long, cold winter that we have had this year.  

I have started switching the winter and summer clothes out.  My son has grown so much that none of the shorts that I set aside for him last fall will fit again this year (maybe 1 pair does).  I am able to get rid of all the clothes that my youngest daughter has outgrown.  This is an easy way to pare down and eliminate things!

However, Isaac needs dress shoes (size 13), shorts (see note above), and dress shirts (several for doing Summer Missionary Assistant work with CEF).  So I'm off to the thrift stores today with all four children.  They are also hoping to buy birthday presents for one another and great-grandma.  The girls could use some shorts to wear under their skirts as well (good way for active girls to stay modest while on the swingset behind the church or up in the top of the apple tree).  

It will be a challenge to stick to the "Only buy it if you need it" rule.  Especially at thrift stores.  Especially with four kids.  When you can get something cute and fun for a dollar, it is easy to justify it.  I'm not going to. I'm going to buy what is on my list.  

While I'm in town, I'm going to check out the greenhouses for heirloom or open-pollinated tomatoes and peppers.  With the late spring, maple syrup season started when it usually ends.  I plant my tomatoes when I get done syruping, which means they are about two inches tall right now.  I didn't even plant peppers this year.   So I'll go to several local greenhouses and see what I can find.  I know the prices at Slagle's Greenhouse, but they are 20 miles out of town.  However, they are very competitive prices and they offer organic, open-pollinated plants.  So we'll see what I can find in town and there may be a trip to the country planned in a few days.  I hear they have chickens, pigs, and other critters, so it might be a fun field trip for the kids.  

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