Monday, May 26, 2014

Oops! Spending without thinking

I just spent money without considering that I don't need what I bought!  It is too easy to spend money on Amazon.  Now I didn't spend a lot, only $.99 for an e-book that won't take up room in my house.  Therefore, I didn't put enough thought into it.  It looked like an interesting book that I could learn something from, so I bought it.  Then I went to YNAB to record my purchase and thought, "I didn't need this book.  It is not essential that I have it.  I was not supposed to buy it!"

I'm going to have to be very careful about looking at Kindle books on Amazon.  I have my number in the system, so one click buys my books.  If that continues to be a temptation, I may have to temporarily close that account.

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