Saturday, May 24, 2014

Why am I starting this blog?

I have made a conscious decision to simplify my days.  I have more than I need, and I spend too much time taking care of what I have.  I am a wife, a mother.  I want to enjoy my family, not take care of my stuff.  Because of this, I am setting two goals. 

  1. I am going to get rid of things that I don't need (my things, not my husband's or children's, though I'm hoping that will follow).  
  2. I am not going to buy anything for the rest of this year that is not really necessary. (This means I'll pay the bills and buy gifts for holidays and birthdays, though I'll try to keep them small and creative)
I am starting this blog as a way of keeping myself accountable this year and recording the journey.  I've been working on getting rid of things for a while now.  I'm collecting things for a rummage sale and bringing them to my parent's house to store until our sale.  

In this blog, I am going to record my triumphs and my defeats.  Hopefully, my life will be simpler when the journey is over.  

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