Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Tooth Fairy Gift

Does the tooth fairy come to your house when your child loses a tooth?  Though all of our children know that Daddy is the tooth fairy, they still eagerly look forward to what he brings.  At our house, we have rarely left money.  We prefer to leave a small gift that we know that child would enjoy.

Last Saturday, our nine year old lost a tooth.  Sometimes the tooth fairy is late coming to our house.  Does that happen to anyone else?  Anyhow, yesterday,
Grace left this note by Dad's crossword puzzle area.  Needless to say, the tooth fairy finally remembered to come last night.  

When the need for a gift was realized, our first response was to run to the store for one.  Then we rethought that.  Grace loves mazes and hasn't had a new maze book for quite a while.  We went online, found 15 free printable mazes that we liked and printed them out in a half page size.  I cut the pages in half, stacked them and bound them with our spiral book binder.  I made covers from cardstock and decorated them.  Bruce put it under her pillow.  

When Grace found it this morning, she was super-excited.  She has already done most of them, but decided to solve them with her finger so she could do them over and over.  Pretty good idea!

I view this as a success, as it would have been super-easy to just make an extra trip to town to buy something.  This project took about as long as a trip to town would have and resulted in spending no money and a very personalized gift for a special young lady.

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