Monday, July 28, 2014

Rummage Sale

We made it through our rummage sale!

What craziness!  What busyness!

I made $75 at our rummage sale, and my mom and grandma each made some money as well.  That wasn't as much as I wanted to make, but I was able to order Blessed Assurance with the money that I earned.  I'm looking forward to using that curriculum this year with all four children.  I love unit studies that we can all do together.  It not only makes planning and executing my school day easier, but it also helps us to bond so much better as a family when we are working on something with a common goal.  Of course, everyone gets different assignments based on their abilities.

We sold about 5 two foot long boxes of books, along with several puzzles and games and a couple of desk chairs.  It was a good weekend.

We really enjoyed the firefighters parades and games.  Our community hosted the annual firefighters games for our state this year and the activities coordinated with the community rummage sale.  Unfortunately, that meant that I missed out on watching the games, but my dad brought the girls down to watch.  They enjoyed the games, but the highlight of the weekend by far was splashing in the puddles made by the firemen's hoses!

A pile of uniforms after one of the games

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