Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New puppy!

We got our puppy yesterday!  Three years ago, my son said, "Mom, I really like Cocoa (a friend's dog).  If she ever has puppies, could we get one?"  Knowing that puppies were not in my friend's plans, I said, "Sure."  Three years later, Cocoa had puppies.  Five sweet little furry bundles.  Yesterday, we brought Gabby (short for Gabriel) home.  

We've read a couple books on puppy training and have decided on a style that is almost like attachment parenting, but with a dog.  We keep her on a leash connected to our belt, taking turns having her with us all the time.  If we can't be corded to her, we put her in her crate.  She did well yesterday, having just one small accident in the house.  She cries when we put her in the crate, but she started settling down a little bit.  I'm afraid my son didn't get a lot of sleep last night, but she kept the crate clean for seven hours!

She is a sweet little girl and so much fun!

Gabby and Isaac

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