Monday, August 25, 2014

First day of school

We had our first day of school today!  We had latkes and applesauce to celebrate.

We did Bible time together.  The kids chose what Bible book they want to write for handwriting.

Isaac: Proverbs  
Melody: Esther   
Grace: Exodus   
Charity: Genesis
Mom: Philippians

We began memorizing Isaiah 40:28-31, thinking it was a good verse to use when we get discouraged or school gets hard to do.

We sang a few hymns together, choosing "Across the Lands" as our song of the week.

For missions, we found Alaska on the map and talked a little about what life is like for the McGee family.

Then we did a few oral math problems to warm up with.

That was the end of Isaac's schoolwork for today, since he isn't really starting until next week.  We're giving him a week off now that he is done teaching clubs.  He was away from home for seven weeks this summer, so he needs a few days to get back into the routine of home life before school starts.

Melody found her last pace for math from last year and started working on it.  Grace and Charity and I began level B of Rightstart Math.

Lunch was CSA veggies and pickle/cream cheese/natural lunch meat wraps.

I found a unit study that I bought many years ago about scrapbooking and we are going to start the year with that.  We did the first lesson, introducing the spelling list and making a map of our favorite places to put in our scrapbooks.  The girls also wrote a verse for handwriting that they will use in their scrapbooks.  Because this unit study includes copywork for each day, we probably won't begin writing our book of the Bible until after the next four weeks.

Grace and Charity reviewed a little music by playing the organ.  Melody explored some of the games on the Music Learning Community website that I bought a membership with.

Isaac and I did his back-to-school shopping after Bruce got home.  Then we had a pork roast, homemade french fries, and a yellow squash casserole for dinner.

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